Thursday, 24 February 2011

Haute Route: Cocktail Princesses

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TopShop platform pumps
$128 -

Christian Louboutin platform heel
$825 -

Gold handbag
20 GBP -

Alexander mcqueen handbag
745 GBP -

Biba gold ring
2,750 GBP -

Late London Fashion Week Post

I've been busy as a bee. HFA has me on my toes! I'm loving the stress and even my blondest moments where I've had to question my intelligence... *move along*

Fashion week was great. I represented HFA at 3 shows and they were so amazingly beautiful and I would love to share every resplendent detail with you but for my cheap ass camera that produced only subpar images of aesthetic fashion. All the same, I'm pleased to share these 'images' with you. The Editrix was probably screaming "Off with her head!!!!"

p.s: bad seats or lack of in some cases contributed to the mediocrity. Enjoy!

Bunmi Koko: 'Kaleidoscopia' A/W 2011 Collection
Read my post about it when you click here

Samantha Cole: 'Above and Beneath A Definitive Surface' A/W 2011 Collection
Read my post about the collection when you click here

Zed Eye: 'Economic Elegance' A/W 2011 Collection
Read my post about the collection when you click here

They were all beautiful collections and I had a swell time even though it would much better if I had friends to accompany me. Well after front row seating, champagne sipping and feeling fabulous, I hurried home to do some editing, get scolded (which I deserved) and prepare write ups about the collections. In fashion, time, quality and delivery is everything!

And what did I wear to the fashion shows?! That's for another post.



Thursday, 3 February 2011

HauTe Route: Cotton White

As someone once wisely said: "The only thing that separates us from animals is our ability to accessorize." No need to argue. We speak fashion.

Vivienne westwood anglomania tops WHITE
238 GBP -
White tops »

White Burnout Tie Front Tee
14 GBP -
Tie front tops »

J Brand 912 low-rise skinny jeans
$200 -
Faded jeans »

Platform sandals
$720 -
Platform sandals »

Zena Baroudi, English
$150 -

Skirts »

Kua Designs — Asaaba brooch
Brooches »

Kua Designs — Dzifa brooch
Brooches »

Kua Designs — Amina brooch
Brooches »


Kua Designs — Abenlema

Kua Designs — Sedinam

SIKA BOUTIQUE — Sika Side Purse

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