Monday, 12 July 2010

Oh Africa!

You guessed right! The theme for this week is Africa. Inspired by all things African and exploring the world of Africa's blooming fashion industry; African inspired pieces from the high street to high end stores. Today's collage features African inspired works from foreign stores and designers.

Bantu Wax Verde bandeau bikini
185 GBP -
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Mama Africa Color Blocked Dress
$299 -

From Christian Louboutin to L.A.M.B to Blackberry, international brands and labels have drawn inspiration from Africa and its resplendent culture and applied to it Western fashion concepts. This has served as motivation for burgeoning African designers because a platform has been set for their work to receive global recognition in the fashion world.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Friday, 9 July 2010

The Sports Man

All that dirt, sweat and muscle.... mmmm! He is a real looker. Think Vanity Fair's recent photo shoot  for the World Cup. :-)

Reversible Plaid / Stripe Shorts
$114 -

Brasil Soccer Tee
$18 -

Peyton Chevron Mesh Polo
$70 -

Timmen 8E7 Jeans
$290 -

$16 -

7eye Men's Cape Resin Sunglasses
$139 -

Nike (NIKE) RED Laces
$4 -


Thursday, 8 July 2010

Alternative Fashion

For men who prefer not to stick to the norm and opt for alternative and daring clothing like wearing bright coloured socks to work... lol!

Driver Loafers
$625 -

Bergdorf Goodman - Beauty - Men's Fragrances
$375 -

Etro african print logo polo
135 GBP -

MOSCOT Lemtosch Glasses
175 EUR -

Ralph Lauren slim fit check long sleeve shirt
60 GBP -

Gap Rugby socks
$7.50 -

Men's Fingerless Driving Gloves
$150 -

This collage may not be everyone's idea of alternative fashion. I have mixed up a bunch of things that men would not usually wear or that take a lot of guts for you to rock the outfit. A teeny weeny tad of quirk. The blue shoes for example, enough said. Okay not actually. No offense, they are very reminiscent of our Igbo brothers. :-)
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