Saturday, 29 May 2010


Here to apologize for I have neglected the blog. I am really busy at the moment and my darling blog is the sufferer. I've got a chance to write for a magazine thanks to the blog :-) I have three articles to write. I have completed the first one and I am working on the second and third pieces now. I have also been preoccupied  with something called life. And I look forward to taking a break on monday and going to see Sex and the City II with a couple of friends. The shitty reviews will not stop me!

I miss blogging though and will get back on it asap.



Thursday, 13 May 2010

Shop at the Top

Looking for flirty, fun, whimsical, British fashion? Topshop is the place to go as it truly embraces spring and summer with florals, pastels and chic styles:

Enjoy our pieces. With love, from Topshop

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Maximise This

Ever faithful, ever fashionable, maxi dresses always flatter, whatever figure, whatever style, it brings out true elegance in every woman. A maxi dress is as important as the LBD (little black dress) in the wardrobe of every woman that regards herself fashionable:

Summer is always a good excuse to buy more and more maxi dresses to flaunt your femininity. Pair them with jewelled flat sandals or strappy sandals and a gorgeous clutch. There not much need for jewellery as the dresses are jewels on their own. I would recommend a cuff and chandelier earrings.

Thursday, 6 May 2010


The forecast has been made, florals are not the 'print' forward. Yep yep, the digi-techno print fabulosity is in! Toss those florals (okay, do/don't, I don't care) and embrace an adventurous, wilder and racier print:

Warning! Dangerous curves ahead. Oozing with colour and sensuality, the digital/techno print has a beautiful way of adding fluidity to fabrics and outfits. Very vibrant, very bold, very chic. Make a statement, go digital! You're promised to stand out of the crowd with any of these pieces. My favourite piece is probably the 3d print dress in the middle, it is almost surreal. And note, these prints give an illusion of curves so be careful to select a print that best suits you body type.


Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Fringe Benefits

It ain't for everybody. It takes some gut to rock the fringe and now that it's in better go searching for the best of the best that the fringe has to offer. Fringe accessories seem to have a life of their which is probably what I love the most about them... they have character:

I'm longing for the fringe waistcoat from warehouse, loving the back detail. Who has £45.00 to spare please? Oh and aren't the nude yerke heels from aldo just gorgeous... fringe+ studded glam=fringe-tastic! And the goddess of fringe in African fashion, Ituen Basi has her nkoyo bag featured on this one too. You've got to love the life fringe gives to absolutely anything. Get your fringe on ladies. No overkill will be tolerated.

Don't forget you can always the picture for details on all the items featured.


Jumping Jehoshaphat!!!

Jumpsuits are back!!! And playsuits too. I sound very excited, okay not really. I'm not the biggest fan of jumpsuits but i think there are some really good styles and cuts out there that I might dare to wear... hmmm... Every time I see a jumpsuit I think of ABBA and start humming and strutting to "Dancing Queen", young and sweet!

Throwback moment :-D I am actually playing it on youtube as I write. *Digging the dancing queen...* Okay now I need to own a jumpsuit/playsuit/whatever you'd like to call it! I want the black one in the right hand corner of the collage. Okay quick style advice before I leave: your waist can easily get lost in beauty (or not) of a jumpsuit, so it's best to accentuate it with a nice skinny waist belt or a wide attention grabbing one; it doesn't matter the style as long as it serves it purpose and adorns the outfit. I also suggest wearing heels with jumpsuits almost always unless you're wearing a playsuit which are ever so flirty and refreshing so flat sandals and shoes could work ;-) Make a jumpsuit glam, do your thing but one thing and one thing only do I ask of thee: do not fail to accessorize!


P.s: A treat from me to you :-D

Monday, 3 May 2010

The Greatest Ship of Them All

Friendship bracelets will never ever be unfashionable for the most obvious reason... friendship. It can never be a fashion faux pas because friendships last forever and some of us like symbolisms of frienship and a friendship bracelet is perfect. They are durable and you never have to take them off no matter how worn out they look because they represent something.
So it's no surprise that they are a trends once again. I actually own one of the bracelets in this collage and I have not taken it off since I got it :-) For more creative minds, you can make them yourself, I've included a friendship bracelet DIY kit just for you!


Sunday, 2 May 2010

White Wash

It's been too long my lovelies! I should have let you know I was going on a hiatus in the month of April, well, I'm back! Miss me much?! I know you did. The theme for this week is fashion trends. I source for my trends from ever reliable fashion mags: Elle and Vogue (written in alphabetical order... hehehe) Summer's about to kick and you need to know what's right now and yes, white is back! It is the new black (okay, never). The ever faithful summer colour :

Not the biggest fan of white as I do not support its expansionist capabilities (i.e. white makes you look fat!) but beauty must be appreciated and I have selected some gorgeous pieces to make white.... fabulous. The shoes in this collage are dreamy. I can't help scream: "Giuseppe! Giuseppe! Giuseppe!" I love the bag in this piece too, some refreshing summer scents and I added a few accessories to get some of that white dirty! Nobody's that saintly, not even me :-P

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