Sunday, 2 May 2010

White Wash

It's been too long my lovelies! I should have let you know I was going on a hiatus in the month of April, well, I'm back! Miss me much?! I know you did. The theme for this week is fashion trends. I source for my trends from ever reliable fashion mags: Elle and Vogue (written in alphabetical order... hehehe) Summer's about to kick and you need to know what's right now and yes, white is back! It is the new black (okay, never). The ever faithful summer colour :

Not the biggest fan of white as I do not support its expansionist capabilities (i.e. white makes you look fat!) but beauty must be appreciated and I have selected some gorgeous pieces to make white.... fabulous. The shoes in this collage are dreamy. I can't help scream: "Giuseppe! Giuseppe! Giuseppe!" I love the bag in this piece too, some refreshing summer scents and I added a few accessories to get some of that white dirty! Nobody's that saintly, not even me :-P


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