Monday, 11 February 2013

Red Carpet Favourites: Grammys 2013

I didn't watch the Grammys. I needed my beauty sleep. I recorded it, red carpet and all. I'll see it some day in this lifetime :-/. God bless instagram for on-the-go red carpet fashion feeds. While some were an eye sore and others didn't know where to draw the line, these gorgeous lasses did their thing on the red carpet, dress code or no dress code!

Mrs Carter, Baddiebey stays steady slaying every chic in the game. She sets the standard in this  form fitting  monochrome jumpsuit, complementing Mr. Carter very nicely. Definitely my favourite!
They didn't get Baddiebey's joke
And dayuuuuuum! Ms Kelly wore the hell out of this dress. Only she could have pulled this off. Right proportions, everything in place, no nip slips, no unsightly sticky tapes, fits her like a glove. Sexy yet keeping it classy!
Rih-Rih's red number is a beauty but that hair with a parting that's not sure what it wants to be, no!
As boring as this broad can be on the red carpet (pretty with the same look all the damn time), this one made me look
I just love Solo! While her makeup doesn't do much for me here, the green and coral combination is genius! So effortlessly stylish
Oh hello again, Baddiebey! Love your 'strike a pose for your 17th grammy.' You do this in your sleep, I know :-) 
And lastly, Beyonce in this Elie Saab piece for Roc Nation's pre-Grammy brunch *sigh* Only she can wear Elie Saab for brunch! Solange in this blue is life giving. I prefer this blue on her against the green she wore on the red carpet. It does more for her.

Image Credits: Daily Mail and Just Jared

Friday, 8 February 2013

Reiss SS13

I'm in love with this collection and all its shoes. Such clean tailoring... sigh! Which one's your favourite?

These shoes... *sigh*

These sandals... *sigh*

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

It's About Time

A month and five days in is when I've chosen to put up my first blog post for the year for no apparent reason. Since I've been gone, here's what I have been up to:

I'm embarking on a few projects this year and I'm really excited about them. As time passes, I'll be able to share more details with you. I feel immensely blessed even though they haven't kicked off.

New year resolutions?
Yes but not written down or set in stone. Just decisions I have made to help myself.

  • Read at least a book each month. 
  • Make exercise a life style. 
  • Cut down my junk food, consumption; my biggest struggle/challenge ever. I have come to terms with the fact that I love candy/junk/whatever you want to call it, so I cannot eliminate it completely. So I must have it in moderation. This is the truest test of discipline for me.
In summary, I want to live right this year.
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