Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Duchamp Sample Sale

Another day, another sale. This time, it's Duchamp.  Okay don't get to excited and forget to register here. It's invitation only.

The Music Room in London hosts the cream of the crop of sample sales so be on the look out as there will be more to come.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Wedding Fun

Velvet is a major trend in Nigeria at the moment for wedding and traditional outfits. It's often pared with soft chantilly lace, French lace, sequins and intricately beaded pieces. Some may not know that actual velvet is harder to find in the market so what is sold is a cheaper but just as fabulous grade of velvet called velveteen.

I was lucky to find this velvet in my ex-seamstress mother's wardrobe. She seems to have almost any fabric imaginable lying around somewhere. This of course saves me the stress of shopping for fabrics, an art I am yet to gain mastery of. Best thing about finding this fabric was its colour being a perfect match for the Virgos Lounge blouse I had planned to wear for the wedding. I had imagined a nice simple skirt but this cheap as tailor didn't share this 'vision' with me. After some flared tempers and patch work, a simple enough fish skirt emerged even though this tailor ironed my velvet. Who does that?! Iron velvet. A fabulously smooth fabric was utterly ruined but I managed to rock it regardless. Was going to let my first and last experience with this silly tailor ruin the wedding for me.

After this extensive prelude, I'm sure you're keen to see what I looked like. Well, this is it:

Odiri's attempt at dancing
And these are our vain moments before walking into the wedding reception and with a bunch of friends

Friday, 1 March 2013

Monsoon Sample Sale

Yes yes, London town! It's on again and trust me to keep you in the loop of things! It's on the 16th of March and the venue's changed again so be sure to plan your journey.

Look out for other sample sales to be posted on the blog very soon.
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