Wednesday, 30 June 2010

And now...

... the one every girl wants a piece of; the one every girl regards a wardrobe staple; the bag of many colours! I want one!!! Okay I would probably want everything on my blog so I better get used to not wanting since I won't be getting them anytime soon. I digress. So, Balenciaga blessed every stylish and street chic with a most delightful treat: the City bag. As the name implies, such is the style of its carrier who I typically imagine as a fashionable native New Yorker (as seen on tv). I have never been to New York and I have this amazing impression of the city and its people and the Balenciaga City bag personifies all that I drawn out in my little brain: a tough cookie, practical, durable. I present to you the giant city bag in Madarin:

Lip Lacquer - Baby Doll
$24 -

$56 -

M·A·C Cosmetics | Viva Glam |
$14 -

You likey?! Me likey! :-)

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Louis You, Louis Me… Louis Vui!

Well well, a sneak peek at Louis Vuitton's Spring-Summer 2010 bag collection earlier on in the year got me excited and as popular as the speedy is, it has only just managed to capture my heart thanks to you, Monogram Idylle Speedy30 Bandouliere (btw, who comes up with these names?!). I christen you, LV's Bandouliere. The contrasting hues and its colour that's redolent of blush have got the crazy shopaholic in me doing cartwheels. Maybe just maybe, this will be my first designer bag. I know some of you are palpitating and others hyperventilating thanks to that sttatement. Get over it! It's okay not to own a designer bag especially when you are not earning the money to afford it. I don't have my very own designer bag yet, but it's coming soon. Okay I do own a Tod's bag that was a gift and a Cromia bag (Italian handbag designer). Anyway, Bandouliere went to Singapore before she thought of going anywhere else. I forgive her and so my dear Bandouliere, I have made this just for you:

Pave Arrow Bangle
$45 -
More bracelets »

Duo Eyeshadow - Cordura
$32 -

This is how I would like to wear Bandou (she's slowly becoming a household name). Kindly ignore the fact that I like cross-body bags and the last two posts have featured them. :-P. Also pretend not to notice that I was talking to a luxurious inanimate object at some point.

Monday, 28 June 2010


I am Chloé Marcie Hobo Cross-Body leather bag! Phew! Yeah I know my name's a mouthful, dress me up already and I must be the piece de resistance. Done talking.

I really like the new hobo bag from Chloé. It's very simple yet stylish and is dressed up with the little gold detail and leather tassels on it. Even though the Marcie hobo has received much criticism for being a knock off and not meeting Chloé's usual high standards, I still love it and the detailing on the bag. In this collage, I have dressed it up with brown and gold tones for an evening look and a more playful ensemble of a sleeveless denim jacket and a floral day dress and colourful accessories. I hope I did Marcie justice. What's your verdit?

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