Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Jumping Jehoshaphat!!!

Jumpsuits are back!!! And playsuits too. I sound very excited, okay not really. I'm not the biggest fan of jumpsuits but i think there are some really good styles and cuts out there that I might dare to wear... hmmm... Every time I see a jumpsuit I think of ABBA and start humming and strutting to "Dancing Queen", young and sweet!

Throwback moment :-D I am actually playing it on youtube as I write. *Digging the dancing queen...* Okay now I need to own a jumpsuit/playsuit/whatever you'd like to call it! I want the black one in the right hand corner of the collage. Okay quick style advice before I leave: your waist can easily get lost in beauty (or not) of a jumpsuit, so it's best to accentuate it with a nice skinny waist belt or a wide attention grabbing one; it doesn't matter the style as long as it serves it purpose and adorns the outfit. I also suggest wearing heels with jumpsuits almost always unless you're wearing a playsuit which are ever so flirty and refreshing so flat sandals and shoes could work ;-) Make a jumpsuit glam, do your thing but one thing and one thing only do I ask of thee: do not fail to accessorize!


P.s: A treat from me to you :-D

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