Thursday, 6 May 2010


The forecast has been made, florals are not the 'print' forward. Yep yep, the digi-techno print fabulosity is in! Toss those florals (okay, do/don't, I don't care) and embrace an adventurous, wilder and racier print:

Warning! Dangerous curves ahead. Oozing with colour and sensuality, the digital/techno print has a beautiful way of adding fluidity to fabrics and outfits. Very vibrant, very bold, very chic. Make a statement, go digital! You're promised to stand out of the crowd with any of these pieces. My favourite piece is probably the 3d print dress in the middle, it is almost surreal. And note, these prints give an illusion of curves so be careful to select a print that best suits you body type.


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