Friday, 29 July 2011

My Look!

Earlier I put up a collage of what I wanted to wear for the fashion mag launch. Here's a pic of me in the outfit sans the YSL clutch. This is my first time putting up a picture of myself on the blog! I didn't wear the long earrings. I opted for Swarovski studs and this fab necklace I got from Wallis. The Zara satin sandals won for obvious reasons (the black ones would have looked bleh on blue).

The launch was for a quarterly fashion magazine named Shiloh and I am the assistant fashion editor (fancy!). A post with pictures from the event will be up soon.

I look so angry in the first pic so here's a happier one with the magazine's editor-in-chief, Helen Van De Kaa.




  1. u look fab hun...i still want le zara schuz..

  2. yay you went with the Zara shoes and the outfit rocks :)....i like the editors's outfit too but she should defo have worn a bra yikes :(

  3. love the look. i want the shoes!


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