Thursday, 11 August 2011

Dinner with Friend

We got dressed up for a fashion show that we never got to thanks to a few delays *eyes roll*. Anyway, we popped into a bar in Soho called Aqua for a millisecond then to Garfunkel's for dinner. Most of dinner was spent taking photos and chit chatting. Unfortunately, I do not have a full length picture of myself. This is what we looked like:

(Deep breath)

So I've created a collage in an attempt to replicate my look. Couldn't find the actual pieces I wore besides the shoes, belt and scarf. I didn't realise how much jewellery I could wear in one go. :-| The ring is the collage costs £15,635... Mine was £3.99 or so...
Dinner with Friend

Zara shoes
$60 -

Loree Rodkin 18k ring
£15,635 -

Kit Heath sterling silver jewelry
£100 -

Silver jewelry
£28 -

Dorothy Perkins red enamel ring
£8.50 -

Zara leather belt
$7.99 -

H M printed scarve
£0.99 -

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