Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Update: Who Got What

Hi everyone!

The great giveaway has come to an end very quickly. And the one thing I've learnt from it is that I should have set a limit to the number of items per person. You'll see why below. A number of people will be disappointed while others will be carting away some goodies.

If you do not see your name below it means all the items you chose were already taken. And you can cross check with the comments in the giveaway post. Please let me know if i made any mistakes.

Please look out on the blog because there will be another giveaway and this time there'll be a limit per person and I probably won't make a big announcement. It will just pop up with no announcement so it would be wise to check regularly or look out for links I put up on facebook and twitter.

In order of comments:

  1. Mimi: D, AF, I, M, J, Brown Nine West Bag, Grey/blue/orange faith shoes, grey shoes with silver heels
  2. Ori: Next grey plaid shirt, N, AG, U, little black purse, Barrats black shoe with gold trimming
  3. Eloho A.: E, F, X, Y, P, F
  4. Mimi (again): Grey bow dress, Red monsoon dress, black/gold lace monsoon dress
  5. Dolapo: Blue blazer, Black butterfly sleeve jacket, orange, red coat
  6. Amanda: Cream and white blazer with badge, V
  7.  Ori (again): Soft pink and back one shoulder dress
  8. Nwanne: Purple Next dress, cream and black frill Next dress, black dress with gold buttons, black winter jacket, black and white skirt, black suede shoes.
  9. Dmama: Cream dune shoes, Q, R, S
  10. Mimi (and again): AA, B
  11. Ejiro: Black blazer
  12. Dmama: AC, AD
  13. Wendelyn: Calvin Klein coat
  14. Rita: Cream bag
  15. Oto: blue skirt, C, Z, purple print skirt
  16. Funke: AE and T
  17. Bongie: Purple lowback dress
  18. Woomie: black and white dress with belt
  19. Mimi (yet again!): black beaded top, Nine West purple two tone bag
  20. Nan: AB & O
  21. Nene: Cream and black shoe with flower detail
  22. Freda: Black flared skirt, grey button skirt, K, red belt, pink coast dress
  23. Yinka: Pink raw silk dress (16/18), letter 'A' jewellery and striped Next blouse
Nwanne, Ejiro, Funke and Freda please send me emails on how to get your things across to you. My address is 365looks@gmail.com and haute365@gmail.com. Woomie, I'll give your stuff to Mimi as you mentioned in the comments. And everyone else, you know how to reach me. x

What's left?: NOTHING!






  1. my bad, apparently the bracelet has been taken...i would take just a and the one below..thanks

  2. I want everything that's left!!! I'm a 16...sometimes a plus size is a plus. (*whispers* Mimi is a vampire) the black and white bracelets are cute.

  3. Since Mimi will be delivering my 'winnings', I take back the comment about her being a vampire.

  4. can i have the gown 16/18, top and earring and necklace.

  5. I asked for 'U' ring first oooooo it was in my first comments :(

  6. I asked for jewelry N and the suede shoes (items 34) first..check my earlier comment.

  7. Hi Nwanne. Someone else requested N before you did (Ori OFeb 21, 2012 12:08 AM) and the black suede shoes are yours, I omitted it from your list of things. Thanks for pointing out.

  8. Ok...coolie. Meanwhile, i've sent you a mail. Please respond. Thanks

  9. I have a giveaway
    on my blog so feel free to join it:)


  10. Great giveaway. Congrats to the winners


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