Monday, 10 September 2012

A Serial Instagrammer

In the past month of neglecting the blog, I received some shiny toys including a shiny new android phone with Instagram and I've been hooked ever since.  My other excuse for not blogging about my fashion (mis)adventures is that I gave someone my camera to take photos of their great summer holiday. I get it back today. I have really missed it. *sniffles* And now that I have it back, I barely have a social life because I'm preparing for a super tough exam and have chosen to deprive myself of my regular doses of extracurricular activities. I'm guessing my next personal update will be my birthday in October... 25 is only a month away....

Dancing queen in my Virgos Lounge top
BFF Tattoos
Sunday lunch with friends
Haute Fashion Africa's new layout (I did the collage)
Happy faces for a happy morning
I will always love this collection, Versace
Before I broke up with junk food. How could you not love this
Goodie bag that came in the post from a dear friend, Becky
Finally got the ring :-)

Clean faced

Puppy love
duck face with Taiwo
Such a poser
Winged  eyes and funny faces

caption this...

My office pets: Pippo and Pigglesworth

Yes yes, I now rock a 'fro!

Lovely necklace from Ghana

There is beauty in everything

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  1. That ring looks absolutely gorgeous Andi! And your tattoos with your friend are incredibly cute.


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