Wednesday, 18 April 2012

We Don't Say Goodbye!

As many of you may know, I've relocated to Nigeria and I have been trying to settle in and get a job and just generally adapt to some of the changes. It feels good to be home. The heat I longed for is available in full force and I have been shamelessly slapping on sunscreen to maintain my skin tone or become one shade darker at most, haha! With some of this busyness out of the way, I have found time to upload long awaited imaged of my last days in London.

Sadly, I have manage to lose some of my favourite pieces of jewellery featured in some of the pictures. This breaks my heart. *sniffles*

Here's to my family I left behind in London town:

Natasha, Mummy N, Membe and me!

Uju, Member, Natasha and me
The choir had a lovely going away dinner for me. Yes, I sing (soprano) and I am a member of an awesome choir! So many presents, so many tears, but I shall be see you all very soon!

Some of the gang

Cybil, Rola and Chloe

Lovely couple, LucyAnne and Emmanuel

Me with darling Jibike
Went to the theatre to with Siuwa to see the Wizard of Oz

Then hopped across the street to meet up with some of my girlies...
We had mega fun in a bar that shall remain unnamed *tee hee*. All you frequent frolickers might have a clue from the decor...
... Erenma and Resa

Such posers
... and Tomi and Oyinda!

Making silly faces

Oyinda et moi
Resa! Love her look! Check out her blog Treschicglobal 
Me and my ever faithful suede booties

 And the following day was Sunday, my last Sunday with my London church, Worship Tabernacle and  the choir, Insignia

Our resident super star Rachel Kerr (who recently launched her EP album 'Back to Music') and songstress Deborah
The twins! Nkiru and Nkasi! Yes they are twins! 
Someone thought to take a picture of me on stage :-)
Ire with Akin and Chloe in the background
Nkasi with Insignia's poster child, Samel!
Team Insignia! I love my choir! 
And just a few hours later...
I'm Home!!!!!!
x Andiva


  1. You'll adjust love.. xoxo

  2. Hope you're settling in gradually. Best Wishes

  3. Welcome back. Love your hair. Lol at the posers

    Muse Origins

  4. OMG why am I just seeing this post!

    miss you! xxx


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