Friday, 1 June 2012

Brighter Than The Sun

Hello there! I know it has been forever but I'm sure y'all been doing fabulously well in my absence. Here's what I've been up to in the past month and a half, in pictures. I will try to make my blogging as regular as possible. I already have a post ready for next week!

Mina Stones: My dear friend Lotanna Amina Egwuatu, takes her jewellery designing very seriously and yes business is booming for her and her label, Mina Stones! And guess who's the face of the brand.... *drum roll*.... ME!!! Well, if wishes were horses, I'd be riding gallantly but I'm sure Lotanna can take a hint. From a lazy shoot on a hot Abuja afternoon, I give you Mina Stones:

I'm going to do a separate post all about Mina Stones (MS). In the mean time, find many more stunning pieces on her website: And see what piece was named after me:

The Andiva Necklace!!!

The past months have been a blur, a fun filled one, jetting off to Lagos once in a while to engage in nefarious activities or just pretending to be busy. I'm really trying to make the most of my free time before I resume work full time...

Gorgeous Nneka

Off to church in my M.A.C. Rebel lipstick
When S came to visit
With my lovelies, Kunby and Jumoke
Ruby Woo (Gozie) + Cyber (me) = Magic moments

Sarah, Sussane and me!

Lovely bangles from the arts and crafts village

Becky, Alezi and Andiva
After dinner at a lovely place called Paris Deli, we thought jumping for joy would be a great way to end the evening. Only if the jump had been captured... *sigh*
Becky was meant to capture an epic jump, ... FAIL!

Getting ready to go see Bez!!!

I know a superstar!!!! BEEEEZZZZZZ! Live @ Bogobiri
Was upset I met Praiz when I was dripping with sweat! It was hella hot in there

So my time so far has been nothing short of AWESOME!!! And now I'm able to bog as things have quietened down *phew*


  1. Y U NO feature me *sad face*

  2. Andiva. its not my fault u guys were too heavy with food to jump. You both could barely get your feet off the ground. hehe. nice post. prefer asa blonde.

  3. @TKamz: you know exactly why you're not featured here. You still haven't sent your pictures. *hiss*

    @Becky: Heavy with what food. I don't know what you speak of. And yes,looks great with this hair colour


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