Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Random: Fitness

I figure a public declaration of my need to get fit or cry trying will serve as the additional motivation I need to stay on track. I am what you call a 'weight loss' junkie, trying everything and sticking to nothing. I'm not sure what, how and when I will get to my goal size (a perfect 10!) but I know these things:
  • I enjoy running but get lazy
  • I am competitive
  • I love sugar/junk food, all that labelled bad but tastes so damn good
  • I am willing to try
  • I start off great and lose steam along to way
  • I am currently on a Dukan diet. A friend agreed to do this with me, so hey!
  • I have been on a juice fast, done the master cleanse, stayed of sugar for a month and still..... the flabs persist.
  • I love sugar... (I bet I already mentioned this)
  • I am still willing to try

My dear friend teased me once saying: "You've been trying to lose weight since I first met you". It's been 9 years I've known her. 9 years with valleys and plateaus, highs and lows. I'm done with the get skinny quick solutions. I'm making this a lifestyle. My friends and I will attempt documenting our fitness journey on our uber cool blog Skinny Beaches! And I have a few websites I'll be stalking in the mean time:
 And many other I can't remember at the moment. Here's to getting to a size 10 before my 25th in October! It's doable, no?!

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