Friday, 16 March 2012

Thai + Traders

This one's a little late because in the past two weeks, I have been stressed and stretched beyond my own super woman abilities, but I still found a way through it all :-P. I have moved based. I'm now somewhere I call 'home'. 

Despite the heat and having hot flashes, I was trying to unpack when I came across my dinner photos with gorgeous Resa and decided to blog about it. And guess what?! I have pretty decent internet. Rather, my mother does. Hehe! So this was our failed attempt at goodbye. Failed, as we did some serious partying the weekend after (look out for those pictures). We had dinner at Busaba and munched on macaroons and cake pops afterwards (yummy stuff from Selfridges) and headed to some bar... Trader Vic's it was called.

Calamari and guava collins, dedicated to darling Iro

Macaroons and cake pops. Now you know why I'm a member of team chunk!

Resa and her annoyingly long hair

Her drink was magical and her nails, offensive!

See! She has a thing for 'chipped' polish

Love the ring!

Concentrating on this nasty cocktail

Maybe I can get back to unpacking...



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