Friday, 2 March 2012

30's the New 20

It was my friend's birthday yesterday and we had such good fun! Though I wasn't a fan of how I looked and what I wore, I had crazy fun and that's all that matters. Here are some random pictures from Sana's '20th'

Beautiful venue. The W.

Who we all came out for...

Sana the glamour puss

with the birthday girl

Meet 'Jack the Ripper'. Fake ass cocktail that did nothing.

with Gugita

wearing that attitude

Teary eyed S

She loved her surprise from the friends

Anna, Sana and Alex


And that's a wrap
And here's a collage of what I wore. Couldn't find everything so just put similar items for the jewellery. Still dislike the top because I bought it online and didn't notice the slitted arms (eugh!). Stitching them up asap. x

Time to get ready for today's shindig: 25th birthday dinner. I finally have a social life deserving of a social calendar. Tee Hee. Andiva x


  1. U look absolutely fab, beats me why you're not feeling the outfit! Even makeup! I'll consider you for my wedding :D

    Oh! and another thing, hope you noted what friends get for friends, cue the brown box *ahem* September is still far, enough time to prepare.

    The last picture is epic btw. You always know how to take such amazing shots. The camera stans for u.most times. heehee

  2. Yay! At least it's saved somewhere that you'll consider me for your bridal make up!

    I hope you noted too what friends get for friends oh!

    And thank you for all the compliments.


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