Friday, 9 March 2012

Who Got What?

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for visiting my blog and doing a little shopping. Been swamped with a whole lot of work. 5 days before I kiss Londres goodbye. So yeah! That's what the giveaways and spring cleanings are about. I'm moving...

Anyway! Here's the list of lucky readers and what they got. If you feel I haven't given you what you asked for based on the comments (first come, first serve basis), or I omitted an item that's yours, please let me know.



In order of comments:
  1. Mayim: B
  2. Oyinda: W, AB
  3. Nwanne: A, Y
  4. Mariam: I
  5. Freda: R, V
  6. Nneka: E,F
  7. Anyiam: H, U
  8. Oto: X, Q
  9. Mimi: J,D
  10. Tana: N, Z
  11. Amina: K
  12. Jumoke Adewuyi: G
  13. Ori: S
  14. Jumoke O.: L
  15. Bongie: C
Please send me an email on how to contact you. You can reach me on There was a limit of 2 items per person since no one else's asked for AA, Oto can have the 3rd item she   requested for.

Thank you all!

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