Saturday, 3 March 2012


So! Yesterday's do was lovely! Very fun and nice dinner. I even made new friends and frustrated a few old ones. Hehe! Thank God for the good times. It was my friend from church, Jennifer's 25th birthday dinner in a lovely Turkish restaurant somewhere in Covent Garden. Lovely little place.

Right before I left for dinner I went to help my friend Noma (a.k.a Gugita) stye her hair while Zintle did her make up for a red carpet event, the Annual Nelson Mandela Children's Fund (NMCF) gala dinner. All the proceeds from this year's event are going towards building the largest dedicated children's hospital in Africa! It will be called Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I need to be kinder to my skin, all those spots... sigh. My sister and mother would be so ashamed... Oh well!

And it was off to our different dinners!

Birthday girl, Jennifer with her parents
My reality TV fam, Rola (Rolly Lolly) and Chloé (a.k.a CC)

Rola likes being 'busy' and Chloé's a model (haha!)

Sans the jackets. She didn't know when I took this. Heh!
Shoe porn

She's a bit of a jewellery whore too and our mission is to own the YSL arty ring! 

Now the question is, what colour? Moving on...


Someone's tryna hide a smudged nail... ahaha! Love both shoes!

and the side...

Love the stupid face in this picture. LOL!

My LBD (little black dress) - favourite bracelet and everything else
Rola took a good shot. Noma got me the necklace from South Africa. Love it! And you can guess that lipstick shade is ruby woo. Never fails!
View from top... my shoes

Rola is soooo vain! Posing for a photo instead of hugging Dami

C&R with Jennifer

You don't want to know what was going on here. C was right for pulling that face!

Yummy yum yum!
Lovely Michelle
Doyin and Dami

As usual, here's collage of what I wore



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