Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The African Lady

With her bold unapologetic fashion sense, style must have been implanted in the African lady's DNA. Unperturbed by gazing 'fat' eyes, nothing gets in the way of her insatiable thirst for attention, style, her flair for fashion, colour and vibrance. I present to you, The African Lady:

Complete with 3 styles of tying the 'gele', all I can think about when I look at this collage is skentele, skontolo and bold! Naturally, the African lady is a bit of a show off. So, jewellery is important in her wardrobe... gold and coral. I would have loved to feature traditional dress styles like the iro and buba, unfortunately, I couldn't find any in webstores. So my collage features African inspired fashion as well as works from African designers including an Ituen Basi purse designed my dear friend Odiri of T.W.O, who interned with Ituen Basi. Yes, I dare to market my friends on this one. It's my blog :-D. Moving on... To complete her outfit, she clings to attention grabbing arm candy like the Louis Vuitton Alma bag.


P.s: The dresses featured are by Ghanian designer Christie Brown available at Myasho and American designer Boxing kitten and TIBI


  1. please name the gows ... i like that spag strap one....larger pics....thus begins my fashion exodus...

  2. it appears to me that only the Nigerian traditional attires are featured on this page even though they are like the one of the largest and can be said to be most fashionable in Africa i would still like to see something from other parts of Africa say Ghana where they have the kante or whats it called, the Rep. of Congo and the likes, u don't want the whole of us not Nigerians to stop reading cos of dis small discriminatory act.....

  3. @Crimson if you click on the collage it will direct you to a page that has all the items individually listed out with their names, prices and designers

    @Abbi Thank you for point this out. The post is largely influenced by my Nigerian heritage and I did not intentionally ostracize other African nations and your point makes total sense because I did title the piece "African Lady". While I cannot alter this particular post, your comment has given me an idea for a theme for one of the subsequent weeks: to feature African fashion from other African countries besides Nigeria. I can't promise that it will be next week because I will have to do a lot of research on that and you can let me know what African countries you would like to see featured as well. Thank you for checking out my blog by the way!


  4. I like this Andiva! You got the corals and gold plus designer bags that Nigerian women love.LOL. Plus the bright bright colours African women rock:-)....where is the 'LIKE' button?!?!?!

  5. @anonymous:I am glad you like it. I have put up the like button especially for you :-)


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