Monday, 15 March 2010

Rock Princess

So this one's late... :-( My internet decided to act a fool at 11:18 p.m. I was already running late and working with a deadline and that just had to happen. Anyway, the collage for my last portrait of a lady is ready and she's a rock princess. I love this one because... just because. Okay, maybe because black is my favourite colour. A rocker chic that's 'bad to di bone' and still a f***ing lady... Pardon my French ;-) 

Rayban Wayfarers, to me, are a classic for this look and the red lipstick would adds some femininity and fierceness and I really like the buckle mini skirt, I think it's rather interesting. Putting this piece together was a bit challenging but I hope I did the look justice. Okay, I'm rather exhausted and won't be saying much on this one (not that I ever do), but I hope you like it all the same.



  1. Really good work!!

  2. all i want i that grey t-shiryt

    anyways i'm working this look for my nite out ( yes nite out will attempt not to sleep at least i successfuly watched a movie this week without sleeping!!!!)

    Cuff wanna be...check t
    t shirt check
    skinnies... check beads and my usual shebang. good work tanx for d inspiration!!!


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