Monday, 8 March 2010

Powered Up!

Finally, I am launching my little big blog about fashion and style. And here comes the cliche speech about my passion for fashion: Fashion and glamour is something I have always brooded over... And that's the end of my speech. ;-)
The theme for this week will be portraits of a lady.
n. pl. la·dies
  1. A well-mannered and considerate woman with high standards of proper behavior.
  2. woman regarded as having the characteristics of a good family and high social position; female counterpart of gentleman
This set is what I imagine a working class lady, who is her own boss, would wear. What kind of job do you reckon the short skirt suit would be perfect for? Public relations maybe? ... I don't know! And what better companion could she ask for than a Blackberry for business on the go. Not that there are no other phones out there for the same purpose, but a Blackberry is very much my definition of a power tool. :-D I know the price tags on most of the pieces are pretty hefty, but hey, we could also work the same look for less. So to make this blog a bit more interesting, leave your comments and requests for any of the looks you'd like me to recreate for less.



  1. I'm posting this comment for the last time: Luvly work! interesting to the fashion....of course we want to see these looks for less and the looks traslated to everyday wear...the Wanted shoes by Paraso, me like!

  2. typical wardrobe of a high class working class lady and yes we "new entrants" into the working class group can surely get the same look for less all we need do is get into some of the high street stores. this is a very interesting topic mostly for many ladies who like to look sharp and glam. it would be nice to see you put up ideas on everyday look and looks for special occasions.

  3. @Crimson and Abbi: I will definitely work on recreating these looks for less because I can't even afford them myself just yet.


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