Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The Stiletto

Stiletto originally means little dagger in Italian. It had a strong period of popularity in the 1950s after replacing the chunky styles of the 1940s and complementing the postwar 'new look' in clothes. Competition between fashion and common sense was brought about by problems with carpet and flooring caused by the 'little dagger'. I think we can guess who won that war ;-D 

This week I couldn't care less about clothes, it's all about shoes, baby! The collage is an ode to the stiletto though I sneaked in a chunky one that I adore, it can very much pass for a dagger too :-p. I had an extremely busy day and didn't have access to the internet for a while today, no thanks to sky *eyes roll*, but i was still able to put this together in the end. Of course, this had to feature Mr Guiseppe Zannoti and Mr Christian Louboutin, master shoe carvers in... (private joke!) I know I neglected a couple of other notables, but we have all week to blab about "Shoes, glorious shoes!!!"

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